Rodney's Jamaican Soul Food & Grill


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I used to eat at Rodney's back when he had a smaller venue behind Fortis College on Cobb Parkway in Marietta, Georgia. However, since then, he's changed locations and moved into a larger restaurant and I have to tell you, this place is even better!

Now located at 2453 Cobb Pkwy SE in Smyrna, Georgia, Rodney's Jamaican Soul Food & Grill now inhabits the old D. Gellar and Son's jewelry store. (Directly across the street from Best Buy on Cobb Parkway. )  I visited on Saturday July 22nd, 2017 around 10:45pm. As of this writing, Rodney's is open until 3am on Saturdays. The first thing I noticed was how spacious the set up is. The restaurant has a several nice fixtures on the table that really set the mood for any evening and makes for a very chill vibe. A lady in a blazer came by and lit the candle on my table. I don't know if this was for effect or if it was the correction of an oversight, but it was still a nice touch. 

When I arrived I was promptly seated. A waitress came by within about 2 minutes. I thought this was extremely good because of how busy the restaurant was that night. While I read the dinner section of the menu, I reveled in the relaxing serenade of Queen Latifah's U.N.I.T.Y. playing over the speakers. This was followed by Common's I Used To Love H.E.R. and some Lauryn Hill songs. The music selection was that of 90's hip hop and current soft mood top 40 hits. The restaurant is lined with several large flat screen TV's for those looking to come in and catch the the latest in sports as well as a full bar for those looking to indulge in wine and spirits after a hard day of work.  My waitress went over the menu and gave me the highlights, filled one of my glasses with water and left me to take in the vast menu.

By 11:01pm my order was taken. I'd say there was a about 8-10 minutes of prep time meaning the time it took to get the main course. (Appetizer was about a 5 min) I wasn't bothered too much because the music and ambiance was nice and there were quite a few people there. The Restaurant was booming. It was obvious that Rodney's Jamaican Soul Food & Grill spot for the night for a lot of people. 

My Order:

Appetizer: Beef Patties
Main Course: Oxtails with Collard Greens and Mac and Cheese  
Desert: Carrot Cake

Drink: Pineapple Juice


Total after taxes came up to $36.04

Totally worth every penny. The portions were plentiful and the food was amazing. Some Jamaican spots in Atlanta charge you an arm and a leg for oxtails and you end up not only  not getting a log of oxtails, but hardly any meat on the bones. I can assure you this was not the case. at Rodney's. 

My waitress was both sweet and attentive. My sprite rarely bottomed out.

I highly recommend Rodney's Jamaican Soul Food & Grill if you live in Atlanta or if you find yourself in Atlanta. Its a great spot not only for food but for an evening out with friends. 


Check out more pictures and other information on the restaurants website

- Corey



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