OTAP Ep. 43: Resha (@ChefResha)

Chef Resha is a flavor obsessed celebrity chef, Youtuber and food blogger who takes pride in bridging the subtle gap between food and sex. Chef Resha joins The OTAP Show to talk about her passions, family goals and of course... SEX!

Topics include:

* Changing her twitter handle to @ChefResha (Formerly @kanYeBreast)

* Guesting on the Dr. Oz Show

* Her ultimate motivation to finally lose weight

* Cooking for radio and television personality Cathy Hughes

* Her website CarnalDish.com

* Corey reads some of Resha's NSFW tweets in another round of "Nasty Tweets" 

Later Corey speaks with RDA "Resha's Dick Appointment" to find out his intentions with her for the evening

And much more!

Visit Chef Resha's youtube page for the best in food recipes and tips! YouTube.com/CarnalDish

Learn how to make fresh pasta from scratch and other awesome food wonders on Chef Resha's website, CarnalDish.com