OTAP Ep. 36: Stephen (@ChefWaites)

This weeks episode is live on location from the Big Chow Grill in the Cumberland area of North Atlanta. Catching up with long time friend "Chef", Corey and Stephen enjoy stir fry and also kickoff an interview WITHIN the interview with waitress Yvonne!

Topic include:

*Is Chef Waites really a Chef?

* Various Life Hacks to improve your quality of life

*What happened to "Coon Tunes"?

*Why he doesn't like cheese

* Chef challenges Corey to 2pac songs better than Future's March Madness and Karate Chop 


Yvonne is a recent graduate of Morris College out of Sumpter South Carolina. She was my waitress the night before. She spotted me the next night with Chef to express gratitude for the encouraging note I left on the receipt after I overheard she'd graduated college. As a graduation gift, I thought it would be awesome to include her in the show. 

*Her topics include:

*Graduating college, 

*What she's doing next

*Business ambitions

*Her tweets

  And Much More!

Follow Yvonne on twitter! @_ChateauChaveau