OTAP Ep. 42: Feminista Jones (@FeministaJones)

Author, speaker, and social worker are just a few of the many titles and accolades to describe her many acts of service in the name of women's health and well being. Conservator of the life saving movement #YouOkSis, Feminista Jones joins The OTAP Show to cover a variety of topics and share life saving tips. 

Topics include: 

* Growing up in New York

* The birth of "Feminista Jones" 

* An Examination of Street Harassment

* "Putting Yourself in the Space" - a Life Saving Technique

* #YouOkSis" 

Later, Corey and Feminista Jones have a bit of fun as he introduces a new segment aimed at reading his guests "Nasty Tweets" 

And much more!

Visit Feminista Jones' website for more info on speaking events, articles and more! www.feministajones.com 

Visit Feminista Jones' Medium page for her writings on black women in music. https://medium.com/@FeministaJones

Purchase Feminista Jones' debut novel "Push The Button here http://feministajonesbooks.myshopify.com