OTAP Ep. 41: Ixora Botanical Beauty CEO, Mercedes (@CruzanChoklate)

Mercedes, the creator, owner and CEO of the wildly popular natural skin care products line "Ixora Botanical Beauty", joins the show as Corey reviews products from her mens line and to talk about overall skin health. 

Mercedes reveals a special 15% off promo code just for the listeners of The OTAP Show!

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Topics Include:

* Skin care tips for men and women

* Why she chooses the particular ingredients she has in her product

* Why she started the line

And much more!

Ixora Product Reviews:

* Debonair Hydrating Beard Soap
* Cara Fresca Revitalizing Cream
*Distinguished Gentlemen Butter
*Debonair Hydrating Beard Cream
*Cucumber Peppermint Aftershave & Toner