OTAP Ep. 18: Kiyah (@Blackhonee)

We start with Kiyah telling us about her noisy neighbors and how she plans to deal with them. Afterwards, she theorizes why she believes her mother gave her away seemingly without reason and other discords between her and her parents.

Later it gets a little heavy as Kiyah speaks openly about being diagnosed with Gliobastoma Multiforme Grade 2, a form of Brain Cancer. 

Kiyah talks about her will to fight despite her terminal cancer diagonsis and the great people she's met that have joined her in support. 

Later we lighten the mood again by talking about a twitter controversy involving bedbugs. 

Kiyah needs our help. She works because she cannot afford the medicine she needs to continue to live another day. With her type of cancer, there may come a day when she is unable at all. All she wants is another day to fight and you can help her by donating to her life fund by clicking or touching the link below. 

Kiyah Elaine's Life Fund.

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