OTAP Ep. 23: SMS Podcast Host, Shayla (@MatissesPieces)

Round 2 of the interviews with the hosts of the SMS Podcast, this week is Shayla!

Along with the promotion of her show and her role on the on the Short Message Service Podcast, Shayla talks to us about growing up in a house full of AKA's but pledging Delta, she also helps me distinguish the different calls betweens Sorors and Frats. 

Shayla talks about who made her want to become a nurse, her first time having dealt with death as a nurse and the unique perspective she has because of it.

Growing up in a house full of boys, Shayla shares some keen and surprising observations about males that she's learned and how that has helped in her dealing with the opposite sex. 

Because Shayla is always caught singing somewhere, in what might be the best or worst segment of the show, Shayla and I sing the first duet ever on the OTAPshow to who else other than a song by Beyonce!

And much more!


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