OTAP Show Turns 1! w/ Short Message Service Podcast (@SMSPod)

Shayla, Monique and Shubie of the acclaimed Short Message Service Podcast (@SMSpod) return to The OTAP Show to help Corey celebrate the show's 1 year Anniversary!


The ladies of SMS Pod grill Corey on a variety of subjects!

Discussions include:

*How this episode almost didn't happen

*Why Corey feels his Dad still wants to sleep with his Mom and why Corey isn't feeling that Sh*t

*Smelling Things

* 3 Quirky things about Corey

* Corey's dream interview

* What Corey has learned from some of the black women that have guested on the show

* What The OTAP Show has taught him

* Speaking confidently about his relationship

Later Corey battles it out with Shubie in The OTAP Show debut of "Shayla's Game Time"


And much more!


Follow the hosts of the SMS Podcast on twitter below

Shayla (@MatissesPieces)

Monique (@MsHenryBaby)

Shubie (@ShOoObz)

Show Page @SMSPod


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