Portable Phone Chargers

Portable phone chargers are amazing especially if you are a traveler. They come in all shapes, sizes and strengths. I recently used a few on a megabus trip across the country. I never once plugged my phones in an outlet the entire two weeks I was gone. Only needed to charge my portable charges.  I'm going to tell you about 3 that I personally own and why I think these are not only the best for me, but will be the best for you as well. 

To help you find which ones might best suit your needs, you'll need to understand the amount of power each one holds. You'll always see a number followed by "mAh" This stands for milliamp hour. This is the unit that measures power over time. What this number does is tell you about how many times you will be able to recharge your smartphone from 0% to 100% before you have to recharge the portable charger again. 

I only want the ones that that are 10,000mAh or better. Reason being is I have an iPhone 7 plus. This allows me to get multiple uses off once single charge off the power bank.  10,000mAh will charge an iPhone 7plus 2 times, an iPhone 7 3 times and an iPad mini once. Standard iPad might get back to 50%.

Below are my favorites with the links to where you can buy them on amazon.


The Aukey 10050mAh is special. While it only has one charging port, It by far is my favorite. It is a quick charging powerbank using a technology similar to some Samsung Galaxy phones. In addition to that, it will charge your Playstation 4 controller. This means you won't have to always connect your usb cable to your console. You can have it sitting right next to you when your controller's battery gets low. 




The JETech 10000mAh is another of my favorites. It has 2 usb ports, a bit more slender than the previous Aukey, and has a built in flashlight, which I find helpful. It's mAh is a tad bit less than the Aukey, but it still does a great job with my phone. This one feels better in your pocket. 




The 20000mAh portable charger by ExpertPower allows you to get the most charge out of your devices on a single use. I'm able to charge my iPhone 7plus 4 times on a single charge of this powerbank. It comes with a built in flashlight as well. My one issue with this particular one is that it seemed to be quite slow on the charging after the phone had reached 0%. Takes a bit longer to get my phone started up again. Other than that, its very solid. Not as comfy in your pocket as the previous powerbank but if you are going on a long road trip or you are going to be away from power outlets for a long time, this is definitely the one for you. 



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