Now Is A Good Time To Back Up Your Phone

We are living in the golden age of information. Our lives are pretty much stored on our phones. This post is geared toward iPhone users but the principals still apply to all phone users. At this point, all of our smartphones regardless of carrier, make or brand are able to have its data backed up. and backed up very easily with little to no efforts on your part. Because of this, I'm always baffled when someone comes to me asking them how to recover their data from their unbacked up phone and even more puzzled when they answer "no" to my asking them "Have you backed up your phone?"

Apple makes this process so easy that all you have to do is set it and never think about it again.  

Every night you charge your phones as you sleep. You need your phones to be fresh and available to receive the onslaught of texts, tweets, notifications and emails that you receive on a daily basis. Backing up your phone overnight is as easy as charging your phone. Go into settings and click on.... You know what? No. I'm going to make it even easier for you.

Go into settings and pull the page down slightly to reveal the search bar. in the search bar type "backup".

Once typed, touch the only option that shows up. Should say "backup" with an iCloud logo to its left. 

Make sure iCloud backup is turned on. Your phone will backup every night when you sleep so long as your phone is locked, charging and on wifi. I would say easy as pie, but I never quite knew what that saying meant lol.  

Alternatively, you can keep an encrypted backup on your computer by going into iTunes on that computer and clicking backup. iCloud back up is much more convenient in my opinion for a variety of reasons. One of which is restoring your phone after upgrading so that you don't lose your data. I will touch on that in another post later.