Travel can be expensive... but it doesn't HAVE to be

Flexibility is key. Being flexible in your travel is the key to saving money, I've found. Don't go when you want to but go when the deal is there. Earlier this year I went to Japan for a total of ≈$600 (flight and accommodation). The flight deal popped up and I I seized it 😌

It was really like 'flights outta lax to Tokyo are ____ between these dates' and I pretty much was like "hey I can make these dates happen!"

Going with someone or a group can also make things more affordable as you'll be splitting some costs. (I have no tips for finding said people. 🤷🏽‍♀️) 

Airbnb/HomeAway/VRBO/CouchSurfing can all be more affordable than say, a hotel stay. Go somewhere during shoulder season aka the 'off season'. You can find that time usually by a simple google search. It varies place by place. 

I use google flights ALOT. Also sign up for deal websites, like SecretFlying or AirfareWatchdog. I check those basically everyday. Google flights is super helpful. u can be as flexible/specific as u like. It also gives price alerts and shows the lowest price for the month. I use this to look and see what times of the year a place is more/less expensive. And I also use it when I wanna go on a random cheap trip. Subscribing to was one of my best travel decisions ever. They send daily emails on deals around the world. Secretflying is how I got my japan and the Iceland deal too. They also give alerts about error fares for flights/hotels.

A lot of folks sleep on Airbnb (for whatever reason) but you can find amazing and CHEAP places I.e. This is in Athens for $50/night. 


This is an entire VILLA in Bali for $50/night. Travel can get really cheap for some awesome places via Airbnb.

Often times it's cheaper to fly into a neighboring airport for a city where you REALLY wanna go. Then taking a train/transpo. Esp internationally! For instance, lets say you wanna hit Paris, but flying into London is a lot cheaper, that train from London to Paris is only like €60 & leaves constantly.


- Bria Celest


Bria is traveling photographer based out of Anchorage, Alaska. View her amazing photos on her site Want to hire her as your photographer? Send her an email at Follow her on twitter @55mmbae for her photoshoot dates in a city near you.